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Happy Returns: Trending Issues In Recycling

Heya. I'm Janet Rundle and I am a passionate advocate for recycling and reusables. Before I get carried away, let me tell you about myself. I grew up on an organic farm where we aimed to have zero waste. My dad even ran his car on vegetable oils! These days, I work as a teacher aide in a school which has "caring for the environment" as its main mission. We don't have single-use straws, cups, plates, bags or plastics and we try to recycle everything from paper to drink cans. Every day, one of the staff or students has a bright idea about improving our environment. I have been recording our ideas on my computer, so I have decided to compile them into this blog for other "greenies" like myself. Maybe together, we can build up a real community passion for environmental awareness and recycling.



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Top Reasons to Strip Scrap Copper Wire Before Selling to a Metal Dealer

Selling scrap copper wire for cash is one way of putting extra cash in your pockets. You'll play an integral role in environmental conservation by collecting scrap copper wires and selling them to recyclers. That said, scrap wire collectors can either sell their copper wires stripped or unstripped. Stripping a copper wire entails removing the insulation sheath, leaving behind a bare cable. Although you might prefer to sell copper wires unstripped, this article highlights the reasons you should strip them.

Eliminate Unwanted Weight

Most, if not all, scrap metal dealers pay for scrap copper by weight. It often tempts newbie scrap metal collectors to sell their waste copper wires with the PVC insulation intact. Many collectors may assume that insulated wires pay more because of the additional weight. However, experienced scrap metal dealers understand this and opt to use average rates in such cases, which be lower than the actual value of a copper pile. Alternatively, scrappers can wait until a dealer strips copper wires, weighs them and calculates the value. However, the latter option can take a bit of time. Stripping copper cables before selling them removes the unwanted weight, ensuring that you get maximum payment in a decent amount of time.

Identify and Eliminate Worthless Copper

When scrapping copper wires, you'll find cables in different conditions. Some wires are burnt and charred, while overbearing weights deform others. Though deformations might be visible in some copper wires, others are subtle. For instance, it is possible to come across burnt copper wire with the insulation still intact. In such a case, it is easy to conclude that copper wire is in good condition until you strip the insulation to reveal the charred interior. Therefore, you are in a better position to establish the quality of a copper load by stripping it. Most importantly, stripping saves you from walking to a dealer's yard blindly.

Helps With Sorting

Different scrap yards accept various types of copper, and you must keep this in mind if you decide not to strip your wires. For instance, some scrap yards do not accept copper wires with multiple insulation layers because they are difficult to strip. If you are unaware of the requirement and deliver this type of copper wire to a scrap yard, they may turn you down. If this is the case, you must strip the twin insulation yourself before taking your load back to a dealer. Thus, stripping helps you sort different types of copper wires according to size, quality and condition, which gives you a good idea of the payment to expect from a dealer.

To learn more, contact a company that offers cash for scrap wires.