Happy Returns: Trending Issues In RecyclingHappy Returns: Trending Issues In Recycling

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Happy Returns: Trending Issues In Recycling

Heya. I'm Janet Rundle and I am a passionate advocate for recycling and reusables. Before I get carried away, let me tell you about myself. I grew up on an organic farm where we aimed to have zero waste. My dad even ran his car on vegetable oils! These days, I work as a teacher aide in a school which has "caring for the environment" as its main mission. We don't have single-use straws, cups, plates, bags or plastics and we try to recycle everything from paper to drink cans. Every day, one of the staff or students has a bright idea about improving our environment. I have been recording our ideas on my computer, so I have decided to compile them into this blog for other "greenies" like myself. Maybe together, we can build up a real community passion for environmental awareness and recycling.


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